Daily Cleaning Schedule (2 Versions)

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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep your house clean? Use this Daily Cleaning Schedule Printable to help you set a daily schedule that works for you. You can download two versions here. One version has several items listed for you whereas the other version is blank so you can customize it to fit your needs. Simply check each item off after you have completed them. It's effective and easy to use.

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Castro
I love the colors

Can't wait to use them. I suffer from depression I've been trying to get myself organized and get on a cleaning schedule so I don't get overwhelmed. Hopefully I stick to it

Jeremy Shearer
Awesome chore charts

Great way to get organized and kids can keep tabs on what’s next

Michelle Johnson
These Work

I'm not sure why but I never came to terms with the fact that cleaning is an everyday thing and if you don't make it one then you will spend much more time on cleaning when you actually do it. I guess i just thought that magically after i spend my time and energy cleaning something so well that it should stay that way for at least....a month or two?!?! I'm kidding, mostly. These schedules have completely transformed my mindset on cleaning! I LOVE them and am so grateful to have them!! I use one for the kids as well, so that when i set a timer every evening we all know what we have to do and it is done so quickly with no fussing from them. LOVE THEM...did I already say that? Thank you Kelli!!!

Stephanie Thomson

A simple and easy to use schedule for cleaning. It has been really helpful in organising my daily chores and to be able to customise it to suit my own needs has been great too. Thank you!

Cheryl Reese
Daily Cleaning Schedule (2 Versions)

i have just used these this week and so far we really like them and my grandkids have their own and now they feel special